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  1. Chambal ravines: problems and prospects. Proceedings of the workshop organised by ACTIONAID India, Bangalore, 6 - 7 February 1996 at Gwalior (1996)
  2. Bibliography on soil erosion and sediment production research in Southern Africa (S.A.A.G Occasional Publication Number 1, December 1989) (1989)
    Weaver, Alex; Southern African Association of Geomorphologists; S.A.A.G
  3. Stabilisation of Nun River slopes in the Niger Delta (2002)
    Odigi, C.Z.
  4. Hydrology of very small catchments in Mwanza region in the United Republic of Tanzania (1983)
    Maheri, C.M.W.
  5. Soil and water conservation in Kenya. Proceedings of the third national workshop Kabete, Nairobi, 16-19 September 1986 (1989)
    Thomas, D.B. et al. (Eds); Department of Agriculture Engineering, University of Nairobi; SIDA
  6. Soil and water conservation in Kenya: bibliography with annotations (Dept. of Agricultural Engineering publication No. 90/1) (1990)
    Karanja, Gichuki; Tefera, Fissiha; Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Nairobi; Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries (SAREC)