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  1. Soil and water conservation in Kenya: bibliography with annotations (Dept. of Agricultural Engineering publication No. 90/1) (1990)
    Karanja, Gichuki; Tefera, Fissiha; Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Nairobi; Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries (SAREC)
  2. A social business model for the provision of household ecological sanitation services in urban Haiti * (2016)
    Remington, Claire
  3. Development of small-scale irrigation using limited groundwater resources - first interim report (Report ODG 3/90) (1990)
    Batchelor, C.H.; Foster, W.M.; Murata, M.; Gunston, H.; Bell, J.P.; Institute of Hydrology
  4. Optimising resistivity profiling by the use of electrode array configuration (1983)
    Mberede, L.O.
  5. Qualitative and quantitative study of infiltration water (1981)
    Ibrahim, Hayder Zayed
  6. Stabilisation of Nun River slopes in the Niger Delta (2002)
    Odigi, C.Z.
  7. Groundwater, latrines and health * (1999)
    Cave, Ben; Kolsky, Pete
  8. Lime stabilization of soils (1987)
    Lufungulo, Manota Francis
  9. Prospects for irrigation development around Lake Zwai Ethiopia maps (1:5000 - 1:50,000) (1976)
    Land Resource Study 26; Land Resources Division, Ministry of Overseas Development (ODA)
  10. Drainage of saline soils (1981)
    Fubara-Manuel I.


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