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  1. Sablaale development programme design project: irrigation and design (1987)
    Euro-Action ACORD
  2. Cement lined tanks for rainwater harvesting * (1995)
    Abdi, A.J.
  3. Community participation for nomadic/semi-nomadic people * (1999)
    Peabody, Gillian
  4. Integrated chlorination campaign in Mogadishu * (2000)
    Libessart, Yann
  5. Water sources management in rural Somaliland * (1999)
    Farah, Osman Ahmed
  6. Briefing paper: the case for Somaliland's international recognition as an independent state (2002)
    Somaliland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  7. Community-led total sanitation (CLTS) in fragile contexts: the Somalia case * (2016)
    Gitau, Mercy J N
  8. Military assistance in humanitarian relief (1995)
    Anderson, M.E.
  9. The Somaliland national water strategy (2004)
  10. Atlas of Somali water and land resources (2009)
    Balint, Zoltan; Paron, Paolo; FAO Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM)


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