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  1. Efficiency of the distribution of water supply of NWS&DB in the Ampara District of Sri Lanka [Distance Learning] (2012)
    Amanullah, M. Hassan
  2. Operation and maintenance of services for the urban low-income housing in Sri Lanka (1987)
    Gunasekera, S.G.V.D.H.
  3. Sewer network and sanitation to Kandy town, Sri Lanka (1986)
    Supramaniam, A.
  4. Cost recovery in urban low-income housing schemes in Sri Lanka (1988)
    Pathirage, A.D.D.D.
  5. Review of by-laws and regulations covering sanitation provisions in Colombo City (1992)
    Tillakaratne, Lalani
  6. Sanitation for reclaimed marshy lands in urban areas (1991)
    Thantirige, P.K.
  7. Linking natural disaster emergency relief and long-term development case study of post-tsunami 2004 in Sri Lanka (2005)
    Hayashi, Mayumi
  8. Report on the visit to Sri Lanka 11-25 March 1993. Dr P.R. Lewis and Mr P. Hargreaves [Faculty of Technology, The Open University] (1993)
    Open University (OU); Lewis, P.R.; Hargreaves, P.
  9. Municipal poverty reduction and the sustainable livelihoods approach (2001)
    Smith, Nigel S.
  10. Guidelines for housing development in coastal Sri Lanka. Statutory requirements and best-practice guide to settlement planning, housing design and service provision with special emphasis on disaster preparedness (2005)
    Sri Lanka, National Housing Development Authority; Sri Lanka, Ministry of Housing and Construction; Tsunami Disaster Housing Program


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