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  1. Assessment of investment and financing needs to achieve universal access to improved hygiene and sanitation. Draft for discussion 1st draft, Sept 18th, 2006 (2006)
    Ethiopia, Ministry of Water Resources; Ethiopia, Ministry of Health; Ethiopia, Ministry of Education; Ethiopia, Ministry of Urban Development; European Union Water Initiative (EUWI)
  2. The South Eastern Districts Water project: report on a participatory assessment with recommendations for the design of the Hygiene Promotion Component (WELL Task No 33) (1997)
    Bibby, Simon; Water and Environmental health at London and Loughborough (WELL)
  3. Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Office Business Plan 2009/2010 - 2013/2014 (2009)
    Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Office (WRBWO)
  4. Partnerships to improve access and quality of public transport: Guidelines and compilation CD * (2003)
    Sohail, M.; Mitlin, D.; Maunder, D.A.C.
  5. How might public private partnerships sustain solid waste management services in Bamako, Mali? A case study [Distance Learning] (2013)
    Kohlmus, Wilhelm
  6. Suitability of anaerobic processes for small island developing states - case study Jamaica (1998)
    Harms, Claudia
  7. Community partnership for sustainable water management: experiences of the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) systems rehabilitation project - Volume I Summary report (1998)
    Soussan, John; Datta, Anjan
  8. Stakeholder analysis in local solid waste management schemes * (1999)
    Snel, Marielle; Ali, Mansoor; Saywell, Darren