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  1. FGN/UNICEF Water and Environmental Sanitation Programme, Nigeria. Part four: appendices (2001)
    Jawara, D.; Barker, P.; Colin, J.S.; Hellandendu, J.; Okuofu, C.; Parry-Jones, Sarah; Yakubu, M.; Wedgwood, A.
  2. Delivering sustainable water supply in fragile and conflict affected states: experiences from Syria * (2015)
    Boot, Niall Lawrence David
  3. Groundwater research department: draft final report vol 2: borehole completion reports (1986)
    Lagos, Federal Department of Water Resources; Kaduna National Water Resources Institute; MRT Consulting Engineers (Nigeria) Ltd
  4. Report of evaluation of impact of health and hygiene education materials in use in the NIGEP [Lagos Nigeria Guineaworm Eradication Programme]/WES Programmes. To WES Unit, UNICEF (1995)
    Arikpo, Ben; University of Calabar, Department of Sociology
  5. Report on traditional latrines, beliefs, hygiene practices and perception (1995)
    Okuofu, Charles A.; Shaibu-Imodagbe, E. M.; Omar, Bilkisu; Odigie, L. I.
  6. 4th national development plan 1981-1985: Kaduna state programme
    Nigeria, Ministry of Economic Development, Economic Planning Division
  7. Annals of Borno: vol 1 1983 (1983)
    Nigeria, Maiduguri University
  8. Climate statistics 1973-1979: vol 1 (1979)
    Nigeria, Rivers State; Ministry of Economic Development and Planning
  9. Directory of industrial establishments 1980 (1980)
    Nigeria, Rivers State; Ministry of Finance and Planning, Statistics Division
  10. Ero river irrigation project (1986)
    Nigeria, Ondo State Water Corporation; Tahal Consulting Engineers


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