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  1. Great expectations: self-supply as a formal service delivery model for rural water in Ethiopia * (2015)
    Mekonta, L.
  2. Improving self-supply water sources as a key to reach the water related SDG * (2015)
    Holtslag, Henk
  3. Innovative mechanisms for improving self-supply services * (2015)
    Olschewski, Andre
  4. Social and economic factors influencing the choice of water supply in rural Karnataka, India * (2015)
    Linneck, S.
  5. Water supply as a common pool resource in Timor Leste * (2015)
    Neely, Kate
  6. Towards universal coverage: self-supply as part of the solution for the hard-to-reach in Zambia * (2016)
    Sutton, Sally
  7. (Archive) Rural community water supply development: fact finding regional symposium Addis Ababa Ethiopia (1964)
    Karakannas, H.P.; USAID US Agency for International Development
  8. A market-based approach for sustainable rural water supply: experiences from Tanzania * (2016)
    Maltha, A.
  9. Developing low-cost household water supply options: the potential of self supply in Ethiopia * (2009)
    Workneh, P
  10. Supporting partnerships with local actors to improve water supply services for the sustainable prevention of Cholera in Kalemie, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) * (2017)
    Saga, Bansaga; Maisonnave, Emma


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