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  1. The early recognition of environmental impacts * (1995)
    Binder, C
  2. The rural water strategy for Lesotho * (1999)
    Buergi, Albert
  3. Tons of excreta and ways to treat them * (1997)
    Heinss, U
  4. War, a threat to sustainable water supply * (1995)
    Baechler, Marcus
  5. Efficiency of Helminth eggs removal in dewatered faecal sludge by co-composting * (2004)
    Kone, D
  6. Chemical Characteristics of Tsunami-Affected Groundwater and Lagoon on the East Coast of Sri Lanka * (2006)
    Villholth, K G
  7. Material flow analysis as a tool for environmental sanitation planning in Viet Tri, Vietnam * (2004)
    Montangero, A
  8. Bien Gerer L'eau du Sahel Regards sur 20 ans de Cooperation entre la Suisse et le Niger dans le secteur de l'hydraulique (Good Management of Water in Sahel, explaining 20 years' cooperation between Switzerland and Niger in the hydraulics sector); in French (1996)
    Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC); Niger, Ministere de l'Hydraulique et de l'Environnement; Institut Universitaire d'Etudes du Developpement IUED
  9. Sustainability Criteria in Sanitation Planning * (2004)
    Kvarnstrom, E
  10. NETSSAF - A multidisciplinary collaboration towards sustainable sanitation in West Africa: Main results * (2009)
    Fall, Papa Abdoulaye


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