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  1. Empirical evidence on the potential of rainwater harvesting for residential water supply in Accra * (2016)
    Donkor, Emmanuel
  2. Delivery of water supply to low-income urban communities through the Teshie Tanker Owners Association: a case study of public-private initiatives in Ghana. Infrastructure for development: private solutions and the poor, 31 May - 2 June 2000, London, UK * (2000)
    Kariuki, Mukami; Acolor, George; Water and Sanitation Program (WSP); Ghana Water Company Ltd
  3. Emergency excreta disposal standards and options for Haiti (final draft) * (2010)
    Reed, Bob; Direction Nationale de l'Eau Potable at de l'Assainissement (DINEPA); Global WASH Cluster
  4. West Bank water in perspective (1991)
    Anabtawi, Raed
  5. Small water enterprises in Africa 4 - Ghana: A study of small water enterprises in Accra * (2006)
    Sarpong, Kwabena; Abrampah, Kodjo Mensah; Njiru, Cyrus; Smith, Mike
  6. Small water enterprises in Africa 1 - Tanzania: A study of small water enterprises in Dar es Salaam * (2006)
    Materu, Linus; Mkanga, Mwanakombo; Njiru, Cyrus; Smith, Mike