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  1. ODA support project to the Environmental Protection Agency Ghana. Review mission background report (1996)
    Koziell, Izabella; International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
  2. Farmer-managed irrigation systems in Nepal: the impact of interventions (1992)
    Research Report Series Number 18; Shivakoti, Ganesh; Giri, Khadka; Ostrom, Elinor; HMG Ministry of Agriculture; Winrock International
  3. Improving revenue management for sustainable rural water services: innovative prepaid water system * (2018)
    Tonya, Ephraim
  4. Twenty years in Southern India: water projects in Indo-Swedish collaboration (1989)
    KTH; Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  5. The sustainability of knowledge (2015)
    Wenner, Aneirin
  6. Effects of program and institutional design on district-level CLTS management in Malawi * (2011)
    Maulit, J.A.