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  1. Horizontal flow baffle flocculators (1995)
    Ismail, Elias
  2. Computer analysis of step drawdown tests (1987)
    Hasan, F.S.
  3. The relationship between permeability and rock properties (1987)
    Anegbode, Odianosen
  4. Backwashing and the operation of an automatic siphon for an upflow sand roughing filter (1994)
    Abbey, S.J.
  5. Effects of overlap in horizontal flow baffle flocculators (1994)
    Jabir, Asie Kemal
  6. Setting up and operating faecal sludge laboratories: Three case studies from developing countries * (2018)
    Zikalala, Thabiso
  7. The optimization of the growth of algae under laboratory conditions (1988)
    Bawa, E.M.
  8. Defluoridation of drinking water (1988)
    Manjonjori, Nevert
  9. A study of the development of an arsenic test kit and some arsenic contamination issues (2003)
    Khair, Abul
  10. Development of a water pump based on a car tyre (1985)
    Kabumu, D.M.


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