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  1. WaSH-AcSearch. Newsletter of Action Research for Scaling up Community-Managed Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Services. (6 documents) Vol 2(2) Apr/Jun 2007; 2(3) Jul/Sep 2007; 3(1) Jan/Mar 2008; 4(2/3) Apr/Sep 2008; 4(4) Oct/Dec 2008; Special Edn 2008 (2007)
  2. Community led total sanitation (CLTS). An evaluation of the WaterAid's CLTS programme in Nigeria * (2007)
    Burton, Salma
  3. Community-led total sanitation (CLTS). Review and challenges[Distance Learning] (2012)
    McGrane, Fergal
  4. Total sanitation in Indonesia: needs more than just projects. Sanitasi total di Indonesia: perlu lebih dari sekedar proyek (2008)
    Akademika - Center for Public Policy Analysis, Indonesia; University of Sussex, Institute of Development Studies
  5. Squatting with dignity: lessons from India (2010)
    Alok. Kumar
  6. TSSM. Total sanitation & sanitation marketing. SToPS!! Sanitasi total & pemasaran sanitasi. Scaling up community-led approaches to safe, healthy sanitation and improved hygiene behaviour (2008)
    Water and Sanitation Program - East Asia and Pacific
  7. CLTS lessons learnt in Nakuru * (2015)
    Murigi, P.
  8. Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) for people in vulnerable situations. Identifying and supporting the most disadvantaged people in CLTS. A case study of Bangladesh * (2010)
    Fawzi, Ammar; Jones, Hazel
  9. Lessons learnt from implementation of outcome linked community led total sanitation intervention in Busia Kenya * (2017)
    Muchangi, Martin
  10. Shifting millions from open defecation to hygienic latrines (process documentation of 100% sanitation approach) * (2002)
    Richardson, Elaine; Islam, Quamrul; Hassan, Masud; Sarker, Paritosh Chandra; Village Education Resource Center (VERC)


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