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  1. Poster 047: The Treadle pump * (2013)
    Shaw, Rod
  2. The treadle pump, the treadle-powered pressure pump, the rabbit hand pump [set of 3 specification sheets plus 3 design sheets]
    International Development Enterprises (IDE)
  3. Evaluation and extension of different manual pumps in the farmers field (Bari part) BARC funded contract research project. Annual Report 1986-87 (1987)
    Islam, M.S; Rashid, M.H; Mazed, M.A; Hossain, M.A; Mondal, R.A; BARC
  4. The socio-economic impact of the treadle pump (1988)
    Orr, A.; Nazrul Islam, A.S.M.; Bangladesh Rice Research Institute
  5. The treadle pump: manual irrigation for small farmers in Bangladesh (1991)
    Orr, Alastair; Islam, A.S.M. Nazrul; Barnes, Gunnar; Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service (RDRS)
  6. Treadle pump for irrigation in Zambia (1992)
    Mtonga, Jasper