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  1. Briefing on "Zai Water Treatment Plan" (2001)
    Jordan, Ministry of Water and Irrigation; LEMA; Jordan, Water Authority
  2. High levels of suspended material in the Caroni River (1987)
    Tota-Maharaj, T.
  3. Comparison slow sand filtration and conventional treatment (1989)
    Abidin, Abdul Razak Zainal
  4. A novel wastewater treatment ecotechnology to improve environmental sanitation in urban slums * (2016)
    Manzoor-Al-Islam, Saief
  5. An investigation into the supply of treated water for drinking in Malangali and what lessons can be learned for future schemes (1995)
    Wood, J.D.
  6. Fecal sludge treatment plants implementation: quality assurance at scale in Tamil Nadu, India * (2021)
    Eswaramurthy, Sasikumar
  7. Gombe water supply - final design: treatment plant (General conditions of contract) (1980)
    Nigeria, Federal Republic of, Bauchi State Water Board; Beacon Services Ltd; Consulint International S.r.l.
  8. Operational problems with activated sludge treatment plants (1987)
    Al-Hmaidi, M.S.
  9. Characterization of faecal sludge during dry and rainy seasons in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso * (2013)
    Bassan, Magalie
  10. Selection of suitable wastewater treatment plants for municipalities in Colombia (2002)
    Guavita, Ximena


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