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  1. G031: Measuring turbidity in water supplies * (2017)
    Smith, M.D.; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  2. Water treatment with Moringa seeds (1995)
    Lalani, Mansoor Ali
  3. An investigation of water treatment using co-current inclined plates sedimentation (2012)
    Chen, Xiaolong
  4. Chemicals for assisted sedimentation in emergency water treatment (2004)
    Myles, Meghan
  5. The use of polyelectrolytes in water treatment (1988)
    Chimedza, J.B.M.
  6. The use of polyelectrolytes in water treatment (1981)
    Enemarie, J.J.
  7. Horizontal roughing filter as pre-treatment prior to slow sand filtration (1981)
    Datta, R.
  8. Optimizing chemical dosing in an emergency batch water treatment system (2006)
    Mahmood, Iqbal
  9. Time lag between adding and mixing the coagulant (1992)
    Kayongo, C.M.D.
  10. Use of magnafloc LT25 in a batch system for emergency water treatment (2005)
    Alam, Shahjabin


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