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  1. Moving towards reaching everyone through WASH investment planning * (2016)
    Keesiga, Diana
  2. Reinforcement of the capacities of Addis Ababa University in the service of development (2006)
    France, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; France, General Directorate for International Cooperation and Development
  3. Geophysical survey of parts of Loughborough University campus. Volumes 1 & 2 (1989)
    Sofowora, A.O.
  4. Recycling practice among students in Loughborough: a case of Chinese students (2005)
    Hu, Jingying
  5. Accessible toilets and hygiene promotion for disabled schoolchildren (2006)
    Nwosu, Maria Assumpta N.
  6. Addressing the sanitation crisis through a market-based approach * (2017)
    Akwunwa, Nneka
  7. Towards universal coverage: self-supply as part of the solution for the hard-to-reach in Zambia * (2016)
    Sutton, Sally
  8. Getting our hands dirty and cleaning up our act (2016)
    Rees, Angus
  9. Assessment of water resources and management for Moi University (1992)
    Kandie, D.K.