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  1. Bhaktapur development project. Experiences in preservation and restoration in a medieval town (1974-1985) (1986)
    Parajuli, Yogeshwar K.; Amatya, Dr. S; Sturzbecher, Dr. K.; German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
  2. Can shared facilities be sustainable? Experience from communal ablution blocks in eThekwini, South Africa * (2013)
    Crous, P.
  3. Karachi squatter settlement upgrading: improvement and displacement? (1982)
    Nientied, Peter; Meijer, E.; Linden, J. van der
  4. Rehabilitation of small-scale irrigation systems in Sri Lanka: state policy and practice in two systems (IIMI country Paper-Sri Lanka No. 6). (1990)
    IIMI Country Paper, Sri Lanka No 6; Abeyratne, Shyamala; International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI)
  5. Sites and services projects (1981)
    Rukoijo, A.C.
  6. Consequences of the tsunami on the coastal aquifer in eastern Sri Lanka. Guidelines on wells rehabilitation. Final draft (2005)
    Saltori, Roberto; Villholth, Karen; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); IWMI
  7. Improvement of sanitation in Namuwongo low cost housing project in Uganda (2001)
    Waduwa, Stephen
  8. Improvements to Kigoma town water supply (1985)
    Rugashumba, Alexandra M.
  9. Rehabilitation of boreholes in Akwa Ibom State (1991)
    Akama, L.J.
  10. The Homeless International Guarantee Fund (JFS 837) - final report to the Department for International Development (DFID) (1998)
    Homeless International; Youth Charitable Organisation (YCO)


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