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  1. Improving desludging in Haiti by building the capacity of local Bayakou (informal manual desludgers) * (2013)
    Mazars, Django
  2. Using reed-bed system for wastewater treatment and reuse in urban semi/urban community in Gaza - Palestine * (2013)
    Afifi, Samir
  3. A strategy for water and sanitation in periurban areas - a case study of institutional arrangements in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (1996)
    Ndebele, Pancho Patisani
  4. Credit connections: meeting the infrastructure needs of the informal sector through microfinance in urban India (6 parts). 1) Issues paper, Field notes - 2) SEWA Bank, 3) Mahila Milan, 4) Sri Padmavathy Mahila Abyudya Sangam, 5) Baroda Citizens Council, 6) Action research (1999)
    Gujurat Mahila Housing SEWA Trust
  5. Multiple benefits of improved groundwater for low-income urban communities in Kisumu, Kenya * (2013)
    Philip, Serene Praveena
  6. Participacion comunitaria en agua y saneamiento (community participation in water and sanitation) Vision general del proyecto SEDAPAL-SUM Canada en Lima Metropolitana 1982-2000 (2000)
    Trevett, Andrew; Servicio Universitario Mundial del Canada (SUM Canada)
  7. Strengthening capacity of water utilities to provide water supply and sanitation services, environmental and hygiene education in a sustainable way to low income urban areas. Case study of Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company. National context; water and sanitation delivery to low income urban communities in Zambia * (2001)
    Water Utility Partnership (WUP)
  8. Turning on the taps....Luanda, Angola: lessons in basic service delivery and local democracy (report based on a One World Action seminar May 2001) (2001)
    One World Action
  9. Kumasi natural resource management research project: inception report: volume 1: main report (DFID Project R6799) (1997)
    Natural Resources Institute (NRI); University of Science and Technology Kumasi, Ghana; Blake, Barry; Kasanga, Kasim
  10. Greater project sustainability in urban sanitation (2002)
    Lord, Alasdair


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