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  1. Access to services in low-income urban communities in Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda and Tanzania * (2014)
    Medland, Louise
  2. Sustainable urban water and sanitation in India: evaluation of a national programme * (2014)
    Wankhade, Kavita
  3. Acceptability of urban water, sanitation, electricity and transport servicesÊ * (2015)
    Smout, I.
  4. Barriers to access water and sanitation services by the urban poor in larger towns of Madhya Pradesh, India: an assessment of citizens' perception * (2015)
    Kumar, C.
  5. Enabling investment in urban sanitation services through the sustainable full cost recovery principle * (2015)
    Abeysuriya, K.
  6. Vulnerability in the sanitation service chain: lessons from the SPLASH urban sanitation research programme * (2015)
    Medland, L.
  7. WASH and tenure security in Cambodia: an investigation into links between urban sanitation, infrastructure and intermediate titling * (2015)
    Goad, H.
  8. Promoting urban rainwater harvesting in Dhaka, Bangladesh * (2013)
    Mukherjee, S
  9. Sanitation in peri-urban and slum areas: a review of the literature on the delivery chain (2010)
    Osuolale, O.Olayinka
  10. Banking for the poor. [Review of] Microcredit for development: the impact of the OPP-Orangi Charitable Trust Microcredit Programme on urban livelihoods by S. Akbar Zaidi. Source unknown: Reviews. Books & Authors January 18, 2004 pp8 (2003)
    Subohi, Afshan


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