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  1. Karonga Lakeshore Integrated Rural Groundwater Supply Project: Community Management after Project Completion (1998)
    Kleemeier, E
  2. Decentralised delivery of rural water services in Uganda (2002)
    Kimanzi, Gilbert J.
  3. Assessing sustainability indicators for handpump projects: the Mchinji Project in Malawi (2004)
    Taguchi, Yuki
  4. Rural water supply and sanitation handbook for extension workers Volume 1 - Community management (2002)
    Carl Bro International; Uganda, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
  5. Functionality and sustainability of village water committees: a case study in Lilongwe, Malawi [Distance Learning] (2010)
    Chirambo, Moses Msanda
  6. Does women's involvement in leadership of water management committees improve the sustainability of rural water supply systems in Kenya? [Distance Learning] (2016)
    Mlimilwa, Daudi
  7. Operation and maintenance of rural water supply facilities in the Eastern Province of Rwanda (2016)
    Munakata, Atsushi
  8. Community managed rural water supplies in Alebtong and Kole Districts in Northern Uganda (2016)
    McQueen, Ross
  9. Integration of village savings and loans scheme with collection and management of use charges for operation and maintenance of hand pump[Distance Learning] (2014)
    Komakech, Wilfred
  10. Water, health and development. An interdisciplinary evaluation (1978)
    Feachem, Richard; Burns, Elizabeth; Cairncross, Sandy; Cronin, Aron; Cross, Piers; Curtis, Donald; Khan, M. Khalid; Lamb, Douglas; Southall, Hilary