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  1. WASH governance in support of NGO work: trends and differences from field studies * (2017)
    Lerebours, Alix
  2. The impact of water governance levels on access to water for the most vulnerable: a case study from the Philippines * (2013)
    Lerebours, Alix
  3. Does the WSDP benefit the underserved? Learning from the first phase of the WSDP, informing the second phase (2011)
    Fidelis, Paul; TAWASANET; Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network
  4. Does the WSDP realize water and sanitation rights for marginalized groups? (2012)
    TAWASANET; Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network
  5. Assessing the Impact of connecting vulnerable households to piped water supply 2 years after the project * (2021)
    Heath, Tom
  6. Effectiveness of Different Household Water Treatment Approaches for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Africa * (2009)
    Peletz, R
  7. People's perception on sanitation. Findings from Nepal * (2011)
    Shrestha, Rabin Lal; WaterAid Nepal
  8. Understanding sanitation demand to reach targets of 100 percent coverage * (2009)
    Umbach, Sandra
  9. Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) for people in vulnerable situations. Identifying and supporting the most disadvantaged people in CLTS. A case study of Bangladesh * (2010)
    Fawzi, Ammar; Jones, Hazel
  10. Cryptosporidium contamination of water in Africa: The impact on mortality rates for children with HIV/AIDS * (2009)
    Mahin, Tom


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