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  1. School sanitation and hygiene education. Situation analysis, Republic of Maldives (2002)
    Maldives Water and Sanitation Authority; Maldives, Ministry of Education; UNICEF Maldives
  2. The international conference on water rights and water market, GWP (2002)
    China Technical Advisory Committee, GWP; Global Water Partnership (GWP)
  3. Water conservation in Indonesia: an overview of experiences, problems and perspectives (prepared for Ad hoc expert group on water use efficiency and conservation, UNESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand, 6-9 Nov 2000) (2000)
    Gany, A. Hafield A.
  4. Water conservation policies of Korea focusing on demand management (1998)
    Kim, Donglin; Republic of Korea, Water Management Division
  5. Water demand management: water conservation awareness among consumers in Brunei (2012)
    Haji Ibrahim, Haji Ashrulsuhardy
  6. China: Water sector development project (WSDP) Water resources demand management (WRDM) case study memoranda (draft 3) October 2002 (2002)
  7. Managing water as an economic resource. A case study of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (1993)
    Winpenny, J.T.
  8. A guide to water management. The MWRA Program for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Water Use (1995)
    Kobrick, Douglas; Black & Veatch; Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
  9. NSW water conservation strategy * (2000)
    New South Wales Conservation Taskforce
  10. Sharing it out: introducing demand management: strategies for small towns. Revision 2 final report * (2001)
    Deverill, Paul


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