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  1. Desludging of waste stabilization ponds - review of practical experience (2009)
    Duru, Chukwuka E.
  2. Evaluation of the San Juan stabilization ponds: final research report of the first phase (1980)
    Yanez, Fabian; Pan American Centre for Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences (CEPIS; International Development Research Centre (IDRC); Pan American Health Organization (PAHO); Peruvian Ministry of Health
  3. Design manual for water supply and wastewater disposal Volume II. Second draft (1997)
    Tanzania, Ministry of Water
  4. Sewage management for developing countries (1983)
    Jusoh, Abdul Hadi
  5. Investigating the performance of the Beausejour waste stabilization ponds in St. Lucia (2010)
    Anthony, Aly
  6. Sanitation improvement to Kano city (1982)
    Balarabe, A.A.
  7. Selection of suitable wastewater treatment plants for municipalities in Colombia (2002)
    Guavita, Ximena
  8. Small industries environmental assessment and control in Bangladesh (1995)
    Rahman, Md Lutfor
  9. Waste water treatment in Uganda (1983)
    Bomukama, S.M.
  10. Wastewater stabilisation ponds ( for treatment of municipal waste in Zambia) (1982)
    Kavimba, H.J.


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