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  1. A strategy for mobilizing endogenous resources for financing WASH services in the communes of Niger * (2021)
    Boukari, Magagi Maina
  2. Analysing water, sanitation and hygiene data to guide sector resource allocation. A case study of Ghana * (2013)
    Amekudzie, Selasi E.
  3. Rural WASH project in Zimbabwe: monitoring and feedback mechanism for accelerating progress * (2016)
    Ahmad, Tameez
  4. Improving WASH governance through advocacy: lessons learned from Afghanistan * (2011)
    Keiru, Bilha Joy
  5. Climate change adaptation in the water and sanitation sector of Vietnam [Distance Learning] (2015)
    Alvarez-Sala, Jorge
  6. The sustainability of knowledge (2015)
    Wenner, Aneirin