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  1. Poster 007: Drainage from water points * (2013)
    Skinner, Brian; Chatterton, Ken; Shaw, Rod
  2. Poster 061: Boreholes for water points * (2013)
    Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken; McMahon, Glenda
  3. Poster 033: Reducing waste at water points * (2013)
    Skinner, Brian; Chatterton, Ken; McMahon, Glenda
  4. Water point sustainability study: Yobe and Borno states, Nigeria * (2021)
    Heath, Tom
  5. Poster 056: Safe location of a water point * (2013)
    Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  6. Water point implementation strategy (2002)
    Singha, Dibalok; Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK)
  7. Guidelines for the design, construction and rehabilitation of small dams and pans in Kenya. Kenya-Belgium Water Development Programme, Nairobi, June 1992 (1992)
    Kenya, Ministry of Water Development; Republic of Kenya
  8. Poster 035: The rope and washer pump * (2013)
    Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken; McMahon, Glenda
  9. Assessment of the functionality of rope pumps for sustainable water supply in rural areas of Malawi * (2018)
    Kamanga, Andrew J
  10. Dug well. Water Safety Plan and Community Water Resource Management Cell [Pictorial guide showing good and bad practice at a dug well] (2006)
    WaterAid in Bangladesh


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