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  1. Proposal for a master plan of water resource development North Eastern State (1971)
    Nigeria, Federal republic of. Government of the North Eastern State; Kermit Roosevelt Group; Louis Berger, Inc; Roscoe Moss Company; Kermit Roosevelt and Associates, Inc
  2. Technical committee Nyala-Geneina. Appendix O (1989)
    Water resources assessment and development project in the Sudan (WADS); Institute of Applied Geoscience; TNO; National Corporation for the Development of Rural Water Resources; NCDWR
  3. The groundwater resources and exploitation in the Chad formation, Borno state (1983)
    Marte, Ali Musa
  4. Water resources of Jordan. Present status and future potentials (1993)
    Salameh, Elias; Bannayan, Helen; Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature
  5. Achieving water security: lessons from research in water supply, sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia (2013)
    Calow, Roger; Ludi, Eva; Tucker, Josephine
  6. Climate variability and water resources degradation in Kenya. Improving water resources development and management * (2006)
    Mogaka, Hezron; Gichere, Samuel; Davis, Richard; Hirji, Rafik; World Bank
  7. Kontagora water supply extension (1981)
    Abdullahi, A.A.
  8. Reaching the unreached - Challenges for the 21st century: Proceedings of the 22nd WEDC Conference, New Delhi, India 9-13 September 1996 * (1996)
    Pickford, John
  9. Reliability of estimating reservoir yield with generated data (1985)
    Metibaiye, J.W.E.
  10. Situation analysis of the Wami River Basin. Report for the Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Office supported by IUCN (2009)
    Ngana, James; Mahay, Florence; Cross, Katharine; Wami/Ruvu Basin Water Office (WRBWO)


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