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  1. Hydrogeology and development of the water resources of South Darfur. Appendix J (1988)
    Water resources assessment and development project in the Sudan (WADS); Institute of Applied Geoscience; TNO; National Corporation for the Development of Rural Water Resources; NCDWR
  2. Pastoral environment and water resource development (2002)
    Frelechoux, Nicole
  3. Water resources in Libya: limited resources and future options (2002)
    Naas, Ayman
  4. Use of groundwater for small-scale irrigation in Senegal (1994)
    Camara, B.
  5. Initiating and sustaining sector reforms: a synthesis (1999)
    World Bank, South Asia Region, Rural Development Sector Unit; India, Ministry of Water Resources; India, Ministry of Urban Affairs and Employment; India, Ministry of Rural Areas & Employment; Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission
  6. A framework for action(FFA) for achieving the Pakistan water vision 2025. Draft (2000)
    Pakistan Water Partnership (PWP); Global Water Partnership (GWP)
  7. Inter-sectoral water allocation, planning and management (1999)
    World Bank, South Asia Region, Rural Development Sector Unit; India, Ministry of Water Resources
  8. Water sector development programme 2002-2016 Main report (2002)
    Ethiopia, Ministry of Water Resources
  9. Argakhanchi District water supply and sanitation development plan. 2nd complete draft (Lumbini zone) (1992)
    HMG Nepal; Finnish International Development Agency (FINNIDA); Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project Lumbini Zone
  10. Water supply for traditional pastoralists in arid and semi arid environments (2002)
    Salone, GianLuca


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