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  1. User perspectives to direct water reuse from the Nano Membrane toilet * (2015)
    Cruddas, P.H.
  2. Non-conventional water reuse in agriculture: MENAWARA project in Palestine * (2021)
    Martin, Isabel
  3. Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) guidelines * (2005)
    Melbourne City Council
  4. Kibera Integrated water, waste-water treatment and power facility: lessons from 1,500 days of operation * (2018)
    Maina, Robert
  5. Reuse of wastewater for potable supplies: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (1995)
    Gumbo, Bekithemba
  6. Waste water management for Gaborone (1991)
    Selotlegeng, Kodise Abram
  7. Wastewater from Nakuru: problem or resource? (1999)
    Ndemwa, William
  8. Grey water reuse: a case study for Mombasa Polytechnic (2004)
    Mburu, P.W.
  9. Adapting groundwater management to global change in small Caribbean islands [Distance Learning] (2010)
    May, Zelmira