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  1. From communities' hands to MNCs' BOOTs: a case study from India on right to water. Submitted to Rights and Humanity, UK (Right to Water Project) * (2003)
    Pant, Ruchi; Ecoserve
  2. The right to water in Argentina * (2003)
    Picolotti, Juan Miguel; Gilli, Lorena; Julia, Marta; Mendyvil, Andrea; Rights and Humanity; CEDHA Fundacion Centro de Derechos Humanos y Medio Ambiente
  3. Traditional water management system in Ladakh, India: case study of Tagmachik village, factors of sustainability and adaptation to change and some observations on modern water development (1997)
    Wacker, Corinne; Frohlich, Urs
  4. The Integrity Management Toolbox on small water supply systems as a governance tool for community-managed water systems * (2021)
    Kone, Nagnouma
  5. The Native American voice in United States water rights (2009)
    Rackley, Karen J.
  6. Water Law Review Vol 4 No 2, Spring 2001 (2001)
  7. Does the WSDP realize water and sanitation rights for marginalized groups? (2012)
    TAWASANET; Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network
  8. Regional land and water resources development planning study. Volume 2. Integrated catchment management strategy. R2/1: Strategic framework for integrated natural resource management. R2/1/1: Fundamental principles for integrated natural resource management. R2/1/2: Fundamental principles (responses as at 1st June 1999) for integrated natural resource management (1999)
    Adeniji, F.A.; Afremedev Consultancy Services Ltd; Federal Government of Nigeria; Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund
  9. Rural water supply design manual. Volume 1 (chapters 1-5) Background and justification report (1989)
    VIAK AB Consulting Engineers and Surveyors
  10. The international conference on water rights and water market, GWP (2002)
    China Technical Advisory Committee, GWP; Global Water Partnership (GWP)


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