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  1. Field assessment of risks associated with Cryptosporidium parvum Surveillance for Cryptosporidium risk (2005)
    Hinson, Christopher A.
  2. Water quality improvement in Nepal: scaling up of a water safety plan (WSP) * (2011)
    Thakur, Gajendra Kumar
  3. Experiences of implementing water safety plans in countries at different levels of development (2015)
    Huang, Lan-Kuei
  4. HACCP application in sachet water systems and assessment of consumption practices in Ibadan, Nigeria (2009)
    Opatunji, Olufemi Solomon
  5. Water quality management for domestic rainwater harvesting systems in Fiji * (2013)
    Kohlitz, Jeremy P.
  6. Greywater reuse in schools: guidance manual (2007)
    National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  7. The impact of operation and maintenance training following water safety plan on the operation and management of arsenic removal technologies [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Morsheda, Elma
  8. Partnering with government and communities to achieve open defecation free status at scale: an example from the Indian state of Bihar * (2018)
    Umar, Asad
  9. Urban Water Supply. One WASH plus learning module in support of the One WASH National Programme * (2016)
    OpenWASH; Open University (OU); One WASH National Programme (OWNP); Ethiopia, Government of


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