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  1. From crisis to consensus: a new course for water efficiency in Jordan (0)
    AED Center for Environmental Stategies
  2. The Swajal Project, Department of Rural Development, Government of Uttar Pradesh (UP Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Project)
    Government of Uttar Pradesh; Department of Rural Development
  3. Enclosed waters. Property rights, technology and ecology in the management of water resources in Palakkad, Kerala (2009)
    Krishnan, Jyothi
  4. Gaza H2.0: promoting sustainable water supply and demand and knowledge transfer to enhance water infrastructure resilience in the Gaza Strip * (2021)
    Pedron, Giovanni
  5. Sustaining skimming wells: a case study from Sindh, Pakistan [Distance Learning] (2005)
    Akhtar, Mujeeb
  6. Water conflict management indicators - international perspective (2006)
    Gebremariam, Azage Gebreyohannes
  7. Non-conventional water resources in Jordan: potential and limits [Distance Learning] (2010)
    Shaqour, Ghada A.R.
  8. Public water utility versus private: the case of Burao and Borama, Somaliland * (2016)
    Hashi, Faisal
  9. The challenges of Integrated Water Resource Management in sub-Saharan Africa: Senegal case study [Distance Learning] (2011)
    Sutton, Tim
  10. Greywater reuse in schools: guidance manual (2007)
    National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)


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