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  1. Social and economic factors influencing the choice of water supply in rural Karnataka, India * (2015)
    Linneck, S.
  2. Water supply as a common pool resource in Timor Leste * (2015)
    Neely, Kate
  3. Supporting partnerships with local actors to improve water supply services for the sustainable prevention of Cholera in Kalemie, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) * (2017)
    Saga, Bansaga; Maisonnave, Emma
  4. Adapting the life-cycle costs approach for rural water supply in DRC through the DRC WASH Consortium * (2015)
    Jones, S.
  5. Challenges of sustaining urban water supply for rapidly growing post-war city: a case study of Hargeisa City * (2015)
    Farah, Kassim O.
  6. Employing nature based approach in the treatment of domestic water in Ezinator communities - Nigeria * (2021)
    Ezenwaji, Emma
  7. G004: An engineer's guide to domestic water containers * (2011)
    Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  8. In a state of uncertainty? Mogadishu Water Supply * (2013)
    Print, Chris
  9. The requirements for the institution of a user fee system in a watershed context (2004)
    Bautista, Germelino M.; USAID US Agency for International Development; US Agency for International Development (USAID); US, Department of Environment and Natural Resouces; Philippine Environmental Governance (EcoGov)
  10. Adopting locally appropriate WASH solutions: a case study of rock catchment systems in South Sudan * (2014)
    Leclert, Lucie M C


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