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  1. Vulnerability maps to pollution: a useful tool for sustainable groundwater in Douala, Cameroon * (2014)
    Feumba, Roger
  2. What do long serving village maintenance workers have in common: findings from Nepal's Karnali zone * (2014)
    Barakzai, S.Shiriin
  3. Professional Development course: Water Treatment * (2010)
    Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  4. Design of water treatment plant for Ndola rural water scheme (1985)
    Chola, Peter
  5. High levels of suspended material in the Caroni River (1987)
    Tota-Maharaj, T.
  6. The development of bone char-based filters for the removal of flouride from drinking water * (2009)
    Korir, Hillary
  7. Household water treatment promotion in sub Saharan Africa (2013)
    Kiakubu, Doutimiye
  8. Quality of domestic water supplies Volume 4: Treatment guide * (2002)
    Water Research Commission (WRC); South Africa, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry; South Africa, Department of Health
  9. Lessons learned from fifteen drinking water treatment program evaluations in Haiti * (2018)
    Gallandat, Karin
  10. Ageing of chlorine sources (1987)
    Shillingi, Mugisha


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