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  1. Medium scale irrigation systems in Northeast Thailand: future directions (1989)
    ISPAN Irrigation Support Project for Asia and the Near East; Johnson, Sam H.; Patamatamkul, Sanguan; Apinantara, Adul; US Agency for International Development (USAID)
  2. Reforms in turbulent times. A study on the theory and practice of three irrigation management policy reform models in Mashonaland, Zimbabwe (2006)
    Zawe, Conrade
  3. Movements against the current. Scale and social capital in peasants' struggles for water in the Ecuadorian Highlands [PhD thesis Wageningen University] (2013)
    Hoogesteger van Dijk, Jaime Dingeman; Wageningen University
  4. Multiple territories in dispute. Water policies, participation and Mapuce indigenous rights in Patagonia, Argentina (PhD thesis Wageningen University) (2009)
    Moreyra, Alejandra
  5. A trainer's manual for community WASH planning. Book 1 Preparing for community WASH planning. Book 2 Developing the community WASH plan. Book 3 GMF formation and technical capacity building. Book 4 Annexes (2011)
    National Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation (DNSAS)
  6. Identifying elements of sustainability. Lessons learned from rural water supply projects in the Philippines. Evidence-based recommendations * (2004)
    Robinson, Andy; Water and Sanitation Program (WSP); Water and Sanitation Program - East Asia and Pacific
  7. Rural water: models for sustainable development and sector financing. Volume 1. Final report * (2003)
    Philippines, Water Supply and Sanitation Performance Enhancement Project (WPEP); Water and Sanitation Program - East Asia and Pacific; AusAID
  8. The water reforms in Kenya: drivers and hurdles [Distance Learning] (2007)
    Glotzbach, Rudolf J.P.
  9. Delegated water supply management: case studies from Lilongwe and Blantyre (2011)
    Sattler, Klaus
  10. Operation and maintenance of rural water supply facilities in the Eastern Province of Rwanda (2016)
    Munakata, Atsushi


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