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  1. Technology for rural water supply: borehole standard construction details. Supplementary module 2f (2002)
    WASHE (Water Sanitation Health Education) in Zambia; Department of Infrastructure and Support Services (DISS)
  2. Final report: Crash Village Identification Exercise (CVIE) Bong County Liberia (1988)
    Bickel, Samuel J.; N & R Consult, Denmark; Liberia, Ministry of Rural Development
  3. Learning from experience: evaluation of UNICEF's water and environmental sanitation programme in India, 1966-1998 (2000)
    UNICEF Evaluation Office
  4. Water for all. Step by step instructions for using a hand operated drilling rig
    Blair Research Laboratory; Zimbabwe Ministry of Health
  5. The design of production wells for metroplitan Lagos area (1984)
    Ogunbanjo, O.A.
  6. Assessing the potential of low-cost drilling in meeting the MDGs for water supply in Nigeria [Distance Learning] (2010)
    Adekile, Adedotun
  7. Directorate of Water Development: Annual management report for 1996/97 (1997)
    Uganda, Ministry of Natural Resources, Directorate of Water Development
  8. Collector wells in low-income communities (1999)
    Kingston, Keith S.
  9. Water project for South Sudanese displaced: Eastern Equatoria 1996 quarterly report July- October 1996 (1996)
    Action Contre la Faim (ACF); Action Against Hunger; Blanc, David
  10. ACF's water programme in Eastern Equatoria: activity progress report from January to June 1996 (1996)
    Action Contre la Faim (ACF); Action Against Hunger; Vouillamoz, Jean Michel; Delpierre, Stephane


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