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  1. Report on IRC Stream Workshop 16-18 June 1999. Final report. Consultancy report (1999)
    Cotton, Andrew
  2. Improving performance measurement framework for the Uganda's water and sanitation sector. Consultative workshop (2003)
    Delta Partnership; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC); GY Associates; REEV Consult International
  3. Measurement and mitigation strategies for arsenic in drinking water at the field level. Outcome of a workshop 30-31 March, 1998 DPHE Auditorium, Dhaka (1998)
    Hoque, Bilqis Amin; Global Applied Research Network (GARNET) Local Network Center for South Asia; Regional Water & Sanitation Group South Asia (RWSGSA); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  4. Municipal environmental decision-making (2004)
    EnAct International
  5. Technical assistance to Bauchi State water supply projects - Report 2 * (2008)
    Underwood, Chris; Nash, Alex; Ekanem, Gabriel; South West Water; Atkins Ltd
  6. Oju water supply and sanitation project: Report on a visit to Nigeria by A.M.MacDonald and J.Davies to carry out workshops and undertake some limited wet season investigations (19 September - 25 October 1998) (1998)
    MacDonald, A.M.; Davies, J.
  7. Preparing for private sector management of Kathmandu urban water supply. A paper prepared for the WaterAid Tearfund International Research Study on the impact upon poor people of private sector participation in water supply. Interim workshop, London, November 2001 * (2001)
    Etherington, Alan; WaterAid Nepal
  8. A global review of capacity building organizations in water sanitation, and hygiene for developing countries * (2013)
    Ngai, Tommy Ka Kit
  9. A pro poor strategy for urban local authorities. A workshop note (1997)
    Sirivardana, Susil; Community Action Planning Resource Persons' Association (CAPRES)
  10. Water Supply and Sanitation Project. Support to the establishment of town WSS practitioner's network (2006)
    Ethiopia, Ministry of Water Resources; World Bank Institute


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