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  1. Greater project sustainability in urban sanitation (2002)
    Lord, Alasdair
  2. Performance of community health clubs in transforming sanitation and hygiene conditions * (2017)
    Ekane, Nelson
  3. Planning approaches for sanitation systems in peri-urban areas: a case study from Tanzania * (2017)
    Domini, Marta
  4. Sustainability of water supply and sanitation systems in peri-urban areas - Copperbelt Province, Zambia (1999)
    Musonda, James
  5. Sanitation in peri-urban and slum areas: a review of the literature on the delivery chain (2010)
    Osuolale, O.Olayinka
  6. The impacts of on-site septic tank wastewater disposal in Kampala city * (2011)
    Kagwisagye, Sam
  7. Decentralised low cost water supply and sanitation technologies in peri-urban communities (2010)
    Asimah, Seyram Ama
  8. Water service provision for the peri-urban poor in post-conflict Angola * (2009)
    Cain, Allan; Mulenga, Martin; Development Workshop - Angola; IIED Human Settlements Group
  9. Urine diversion dehydration toilets in Dar es Salaam: an appropriate alternative for peri-urban areas? [Distance Learning] (2009)
    Sudo, Katsuyoshi
  10. Promoting SODIS in a peri-urban community, the experience from Kifumbira zone, Kampala, Uganda * (2011)
    Nabasirye, Lillian


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