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  1. Responding to the changing WASH needs in Mali * (2013)
    Samake, Oumar
  2. How to unlock the incentives to turn 'political will' on sanitation into action * (2017)
    Mason, Nat
  3. What drives political leaders to improve urban sanitation? * (2017)
    Cummings, Clare
  4. Afghanistan water atlas map book * (2010)
    Afghan Energy Information Center (AEIC); Afghanistan, Ministry of Energy and Water
  5. Achieving the Water and Sanitation Millennium Development Target, What's stopping us? [Distance Learning] (2006)
    Horler, Linda
  6. Peace and the displaced in Sudan. The Khartoum experience (2002)
    Bannaga, Sharaf Eldin Ibrahim
  7. Multiple territories in dispute. Water policies, participation and Mapuce indigenous rights in Patagonia, Argentina (PhD thesis Wageningen University) (2009)
    Moreyra, Alejandra
  8. The politics of progress on water and sanitation in Colombo, Sri Lanka * (2013)
    Mcloughlin, Claire; Harris, Daniel
  9. Water for life: Israeli assault on Palestinian water, sanitation and hygiene during the Intifada (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Monitoring Project (WaSH MP)) (2004)
    Bashir, Basema; Winkelstein, Emily; Rabi, Ayman; Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG)
  10. The ethno-politics of water security. Contestations of ethnicity and gender in strategies to control water in the Andes of Peru (PhD thesis Wageningen University) (2011)
    Delgado, Juana Rosa Vera; Wageningen University


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