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  1. How to improve sanitation in Mae La refugee camp: SI sludge treatment unit * (2016)
    Cavalazzi, Fabrizio
  2. Sanitation management and information technology in Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan * (2016)
    Melloni, Gian Maria
  3. Promoting sustainable livelihoods in a refugee context: case study Dadaab refugee camps (2002)
    Gichora, Muiko Martin
  4. The Merti aquifer in Kenya: a sustainable water resource for the Dadaab refugee camps * (2016)
    Blandenier, Lucien
  5. Sanitation technology transfer from UK festivals to migrant camps in Greece * (2016)
    McManmon, Thomas G.
  6. Report on a visit to evaluate public health conditions in refugee camps in the west of Honduras (Nov-Dec 1986) (1986)
    Smith, Michael D.; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  7. Fuel-efficient stove programs in IDP settings: summary evaluation report Darfur, Sudan * (2008)
    Academy for Educational Development (AED)
  8. Fuel-efficient stove programs in IDP settings: summary evaluation report Uganda * (2007)
    Academy for Educational Development (AED)
  9. Mind the gap! From relief to development: a case study from the Western Sahara refugee camps (2009)
    Sagues Esteban, Daniel
  10. Environmental considerations of human displacement in Liberia. A guide for decision-makers and practitioners (2006)
    United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


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