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  1. Landscape and Horticultural Irrigation Using Roof-derived Stormwater * (2021)
    James, Darlene
  2. Developments in the promotion of rainwater harvesting through the private sector in Uganda * (2013)
    Naugle, Jonathan
  3. Rainwater harvesting for rural communities in Bayelsa State, Nigeria (2001)
    Oti, A.H.
  4. The feasibility of domestic rainwater harvesting in Loughborough, UK: a social and financial analysis (2006)
    Moore, Jonathan
  5. Technical potential for domestic rainwater harvesting in rural areas in Guatemala (2008)
    Ando, Toshifumi
  6. Aesthetic and bacterial quality of rainwater stored in tanks of different materials (2008)
    Iseyemi, O.Oluwayinka
  7. Performance of first-flush diverters in the UK (2008)
    Arita, Kazuhiro
  8. Rainwater harvesting and water use in the barrios of Tegucigalpa (1991)
    Brand, Anthony; Bradford, Bonnie; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); Agua para el pueblo
  9. Rainwater utilization for flushing toilets in Eastern China (2005)
    Wu, Nan