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  1. Assessing the water consumption behaviour at University of Johannesburg * (2021)
    Dinka, Megersa Olumana
  2. Artificial groundwater recharge of the Wadi Aljizzi catchment, Sohar (1996)
    Al-Jabri, Kassim Mana
  3. Billing and collection systems for the Aqaba Water Company Technical support for the procurement and project management and private sector participation to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Water Authority of Jordan and the Jordan Valley Authority (Contract No. PCE-1-00-98-00015-00 Task Order 814) (2003)
    Chemonics International Inc
  4. Sensitivity analysis in water distribution network design (1990)
    Kasendwa, F.X.
  5. Environmental impacts of peacekeeping base camp water consumption (2009)
    Martinsson, Erik
  6. Modelling a water conserving tariff for the city of Kampala, Uganda (2007)
    Motoma, Ramogodi Ishmael
  7. Rehabilitation and expansion studies for water supply and sanitation systems in Jinja & Njeru. Demand and affordability survey. Preliminary design report. Volume 1: report [incomplete - section B2 Water supply field studies only] (1996)
    Mott MacDonald Limited; M and E Associates; Kagga and Partners; Government of Uganda; Ministry of Natural Resources; National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)
  8. Research on domestic water consumption: a field study in Harbin, China (2007)
    Lu, Tingyi
  9. Urban water management in developing countries - the case of Kampala/Uganda (Masters Thesis in Civil Engineering) (1997)
    Gisvold, Birgitte; Lervik, Katrin; Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  10. Desalination a feasibility study for the Gaza Strip (1991)
    Sourani, Ghada


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