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  1. Girls in Control. An analysis of a menstrual hygiene management approach at scale [Distance Learning] (2016)
    Halcrow, Gabrielle
  2. Menstrual health management in some selected basic schools in Ghana * (2016)
    Abanyie, Samuel
  3. Menstrual hygiene: engaging with governments to strengthen programmes of action * (2016)
    Tripathy, Anjali
  4. Supporting sanitation and hygiene in prisons: WaterAid's support for Bolle detention centre in Mali * (2016)
    Traore, Moussa Alou
  5. As we grow up * (2015)
    Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC); Government of India
  6. History of water and sanitation in the UK: the impact on the domestic lives of women (2015)
    Chen, Ci
  7. Mainstreaming menstrual hygiene management: lessons from a decade of programme and policy work * (2015)
    Mirza, S. Y.
  8. Meeting gender & menstrual hygiene needs in MSF-OCA health structures * (2015)
    Mena, Rubis
  9. MHM Lab Convenor's manual v1.0 * (2015)
    Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC); Government of India
  10. Social and psychological impact of limited access to sanitation: MHM and reproductive tract infections * (2015)
    Mishra, Vinod Kumar
  11. Universalization of sanitary napkin use is not menstrual hygiene management * (2015)
    Chadha, D.
  12. WASH & health practitioners. MHM training manual v1.0 * (2015)
    Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC); Government of India
  13. WASH and health for menstrual hygiene management. Training or trainers manual v1.0 * (2015)
    Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC); Government of India
  14. Assessment of secondary school sanitation in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Alufohai, (Ojimadu) Oruare Ekemoriere
  15. Breaking the silence: a new initiative for menstrual hygiene management under the National Sanitation Programme in India * (2014)
    Mishra, Vinod Kumar
  16. G018: Menstruation hygiene management for schoolgirls * (2014)
    Crofts, Tracey; Coates, Sue; Fisher, Julie; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  17. Menstrual hygiene cubicles * (2014)
    Chatterton, Ken
  18. WASH I Report on QIS data analysis : findings from the first round 2012 - 2013 * (2014)
    Jacimovic, R.; Ahmed, M.; Bostoen, K.
  19. Addressing water and sanitaiton needs of displaced women in emergencies [Distance Learning] (2013)
    de Lange, Rink
  20. Celebrating womanhood: how better menstrual hygiene management is the path to better health, dignity and business. Break the silence! * (2013)
    George, Rose; Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)
  21. Girls for Girls Programme, Kenya * (2013)
    Kidney, Maria
  22. Menstrual management in communal sanitation facilities: recommendations to eThekwini Municipality * (2013)
    Truyens, Carley
  23. We can't wait. A report on sanitation and hygiene for women and girls [World Toilet Day Advocacy Report] * (2013)
    Unilever Domestos; WaterAid; Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)
  24. Global review of sanitation system trends and interactions with menstrual management practices. Report for the Menstrual Management and Sanitation Systems project [Stockholm Environment Institute, Project Report - 2011] * (2012)
    Kjellen, Marianne; Pensulo, Chiseba; Nordqvist, Petter; Fogde, Madeleine
  25. Menstrual hygiene matters. A resource for improving menstrual hygiene around the world (2012)
    House, Sarah; Mahon, Therese; Cavill, Sue
  26. Integrating menstrual hygiene management (MHM)into the school water, sanitation and hygiene agenda * (2011)
    Sommer, Marni
  27. School menstrual hygiene management in Malawi: more than toilets [based on MSc thesis, Cranfield University] * (2011)
    Pillitteri, Sally Piper
  28. Schoolgirls' experiences of managing menstrual hygiene in Uganda * (2011)
    Crofts, Tracey
  29. Studies of menstrual management for school girls in Zimbabwe * (2011)
    Kanyemba, Annie
  30. Is menstrual hygiene and management an issue for adolescent school girls? A comparative study of four schools in different settings of Nepal * (2009)
  31. Menstrual hygiene. A brief guide for girls (2009)
    UNICEF WASH Section
  32. Sharing simple facts. Useful information about menstrual health and hygiene * (2008)
    UNICEF, Child's Environment Section
  33. Menstrual hygiene: a neglected condition for the achievement of several Millennium Development Goals * (2007)
    Ten, Varina Tjon A.
  34. Menstrual hygiene and management in developing countries: taking stock * (2004)
    Bharadwaj, Sowmyaa; Patkar, Archana; Junction Social



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