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  1. A study of the development of an arsenic test kit and some arsenic contamination issues (2003)
    Khair, Abul
  2. Community participation in the late '90s: water supply and sanitation in Bangladesh (2003)
    Wahab, Afsana
  3. Development of communication materials: rural water supply and sanitation programme (2003)
    Kalimullah, Nazmul Ahsan; Islam, Zahirul
  4. Development of community based arsenic & iron removal unit for rural water supply system (2005)
    Ahmed, Farooque; ITN - Bangladesh
  5. Effectiveness of alum in removing arsenic from groundwater (2007)
    Jalil, Md. Abdul; Habib, Md. Ehosan; ITN - Bangladesh
  6. Sanitation strategies and technologies: flood-prone and high water table areas of Bangladesh (2003)
    Kazi, Noor M.
  7. Situation analysis: water supply & sanitation sector research in Bangladesh (2003)
    Rahman, Mohibur