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  1. Squatter improvements in urban areas through self-help, Malawi (1988)
    Singini, A.M.
  2. The effect of coagulant addition on model sludge blanket clarifiers (1994)
    Selassie, M. Haile
  3. The management of consultancy contracts (1990)
    Ismail, Ahmed M.A.
  4. The recuperation of public open spaces occupied by squatter settlements: towards a sustainable strategy (2003)
    Gonzalez, Guillermo Gallego
  5. The road network in N.W.F.P. Pakistan: problems and improvements (1991)
    Javed, Zafar
  6. Towards sustainable road maintenance in Bayelsa State, Nigeria (2001)
    Seimodei, T.D.
  7. Traffic accident prevention in Ndola (1989)
    Mabenga, Raphael
  8. Unaccounted water and the application of leakage control in Sur-Sultanate of Oman (1992)
    Al-Oreimi, Mubarak Juma Said
  9. Urban development around Lumbini garden (1988)
    Tiwari, Awadesh
  10. Urban Planning Standards and Guidelines in Developing Countries (1993)
    Yasini, P.A


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