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  1. Evaluation of the suitability of Lake Victoria as a source of drinking water (2000)
    Tibatemwa, Sarah Margaret
  2. Evaluation of water and sanitation facilities in Afghan refugees villages, Pakistan (1994)
    Ahmad, Masroor
  3. Evolution of field water quality testing. (Analysis of enterococci for developing countries, using portable test equipment) (2004)
    Toop, Katie E.
  4. Exit strategies: making the benefits of WASH interventions last. Four small case studies from one agency compared with complementary data [Distance Learning] (2012)
    Vliet, Jan van
  5. Experiences of implementing water safety plans in countries at different levels of development (2015)
    Huang, Lan-Kuei
  6. Expert systems for the selection of sanitation systems in refugee camps (1990)
    Baetings, Erick
  7. Field assessment of risks associated with Cryptosporidium parvum Surveillance for Cryptosporidium risk (2005)
    Hinson, Christopher A.
  8. Flood mitigation on small urban water supply in developing countries (2002)
    Boivin, E.L.S.
  9. Flood mitigation: a case study from Bayelsa State, Nigeria (2001)
    Tamuno, P.B.L.
  10. Flooding of wastewater systems on the Gulf coast of the United States: prevention, mitigation and recovery [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Johnson, S.C.


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