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  1. G006: An introduction to the Logical Framework * (2011)
    Sansom, Kevin; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  2. G006FR: Le cadre logique * (2015)
    Sansom, Kevin; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  3. G007: Speaking and presenting in public * (2013)
    Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod; Scott, Rebecca
  4. G007FR: Parler et faire ne presentation en public * (2015)
    Tayler, Kevin; Coates, Sue; Scott, Rebecca; Reed, B J; Shaw, Rod
  5. G008: Building with the community * (2013)
    Reed, Brian; Smout, Ian; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken; Davey, Kay
  6. G008FR: Construire avec la communauté relu * (2015)
    Reed, Bob; Scott, Rebecca; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken
  7. G009: A guide to writing reports * (2013)
    Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod; Fisher, Julie
  8. G009FR: La redaction d'un rapport le guide * (2012)
    Reed, Brian; Jones, Hazel; Fisher, Julie; Shaw, Rod
  9. G010: How to use and cite literature effectively * (2013)
    Reed, Brian; Fisher, Julie; Skinner, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  10. G010FR: Comment utiliser et citer la littérature efficacement * (2016)
    Reed, Brian; Skinner, Brian; Fisher, Julie; Shaw, Rod


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