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Timor Leste rural water supply guidelines. Section 1 Principles, standards and criteria. Section 2 Project cycle and community management process. Section 3 Technological options and standards. Section 4 Documentation requirements. Section 5 Standard drawings [ring binder with CDROM]

Author(s): Timor-Leste Ministerio das Infra-Estruturas  |  Australian Government Aid Program (ed)

Publisher: Australian Government Aid Program
Place of publication: Timor-Leste
Year: 2010

Boreholes  |  Community management  |  Design  |  Dug wells  |  Gravity supply  |  Guidelines  |  Pipes  |  Project management  |  Rainwater harvesting  |  Rural supply systems  |  Sanitary surveys  |  Springs  |  Standards  |  Storage tanks  |  Timor-Leste