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  1. Poster 018: Borehole latrines * (2013)
    Shaw, Rod; McMahon, Glenda
  2. Exploration and tapping of potable groundwater resources in Eastern Caprivi Region, Namibia: phase 2 completion report (1996)
    Water and Power Consultancy Services (India) Ltd ( WAPCOS ); Namibia, Ministry of Agriculture Water and Rural Develpment
  3. Creating sustainable water services through borehole banking * (2018)
    Mbewe, Dorothy Bertha
  4. Malawi's hydrology: a responsive phenomenon (WRB-TP No 17) (1991)
    Malawi, Ministry of Works, Water Resources Branch; Kafundu, R.D.; Laisi, E.Z.
  5. Poster 061: Boreholes for water points * (2013)
    Shaw, Rod; Chatterton, Ken; McMahon, Glenda
  6. Evaluation of borehole rehabilitation in Eastern Equatoria province, South Sudan (1997)
    Lemi, Joejoe Wani
  7. Hydrogeological report: second phase (1990-1995) Greater Afram Plains of Ghana (1995)
    World Vision; Ghana Rural Water Project
  8. Karonga integrated rural groundwater supply project - Malawi (review report) (1994)
    Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA); Malawi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  9. A study of deep groundwater in Bangladesh (2003)
    Rahman, Md. Saifur
  10. Bien Gerer L'eau du Sahel Regards sur 20 ans de Cooperation entre la Suisse et le Niger dans le secteur de l'hydraulique (Good Management of Water in Sahel, explaining 20 years' cooperation between Switzerland and Niger in the hydraulics sector); in French (1996)
    Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC); Niger, Ministere de l'Hydraulique et de l'Environnement; Institut Universitaire d'Etudes du Developpement IUED


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