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Guide for wastewater management in rural villages in China

Author(s): Haase, Peter H.  |  Zhao, Joe  |  Wang, Shenhua  |  Godavitarne, Chandra  |  Water Partnership Program (WPP)

Publisher: World Bank
Place of publication: Washington, DC, USA
Year: 2011


In China's countryside, environmental pollution poses a serious threat to the region's development. Water scarcity, as well as severe contamination caused by inadequate wastewater management practices, exacerbate poverty and threaten the health of rural populations, particularly children. As of 2010, only 56% of people in rural areas of China had access to improved sanitation. Many villages have no sewage collection, treatment, or disposal facilities.

With support from the Water Partnership Program (WPP), the Government of China prepared the Guide for Wastewater Management in Rural Villages in China, a resource for policy makers and practitioners working on addressing these challenges. The guide presents a framework and strategies for establishing municipal and village level wastewater management programs in line with the country's New Socialist Countryside Initiative. Published in Chinese and English, this valuable tool will influence a $48 million component of the World Bank's Ningbo Wastewater Management Program. The guidelines have already been disseminated to more than 150 decision makers and practitioners.

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