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  1. Management information systems for National Water & Sewerage Corporation ( NWSC ): Uganda (1995)
    Wandera, Joel N.
  2. Decentralisation development and democracy. Decentralisation policy for Namibia (1996)
    Namibia, Ministry of Regional Local Government and Housing
  3. Enhancing local governance through WASH programmes in Bangladesh * (2014)
    Ahmed, Nazneen
  4. Evaluation of borehole rehabilitation in Eastern Equatoria province, South Sudan (1997)
    Lemi, Joejoe Wani
  5. Exploring funding for sustainable sanitation in Mongolia: perceptions from stakeholders and communities * (2014)
    Uddin, Sayed Mohammad Nazim
  6. Infrastructure asset management: a key building block for sustaining rural water services * (2014)
    Boulenouar, Julia
  7. Institutionalizing improved management practice and reporting to sustain sanitation service delivery * (2014)
    Candelario, Anthony
  8. Low sustainability of drinking water schemes in India: a case study of water surplus north Indian state, Himachal Pradesh * (2014)
    Gill, Dharmendra
  9. Monitoring water services in Ghana: the why, the what, the how and the cost * (2014)
    Kumasi, T C
  10. Namibia water resources management review (supported by GTZ) (1998)
    Namibia, Water Resources Task Force; Namibia, Ministry of Agriculture Water and Rural Develpment; Namibia, Department of Water Affairs


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